Hey! If you are visiting my blog for the first time, you ought to know who the hell is writing all this book nerdy stuff. So, I am Sritha Bandla, a full-time Engineering student and a part-time book blogger. Probably I read more novels than I read my textbooks. I am a big fan of young adult books, particularly fantasy. However, I do fancy some light-hearted contemporary books now and then.

I read best-selling books most of the times, but through this blog I want to read more less popular stuff and see for myself whether they are worth it. While doing that I will share my experience with each book I read and let you know if I liked it or not.

Oh Hey, I also post some life updates and personal cathartic blogs which I am super embarrassed about. But me being me I still post them anyway. Don’t judge me when you come across some emotional personal stuff and just acknowledge that I am 19 years old girl trying to figure out her damned life!

I hope you guys have super fun reading my blogs. I post frequently here, I don’t really follow a schedule or something, I post whenever I feel like but I do post regularly. Please be a sweetheart and subscribe to my email listing or follow my blog to get more updates and news about the books you love!

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