10 Ways To Conquer A Rather Nasty Reading Slump!

10 Ways To Conquer A Rather Nasty Reading Slump!

I have been in many reading slumps, it is usually because I am too focussed on making sure my grades are alright or because I am too engrossed in some pop culture TV Shows. I do love watching some good TV Shows and I watch a lot of them. When I am not reading a book, guess what? I would be watching a new Netflix TV show. Well, coming back to the topic of discussion, ways to overcome your reading slump. First of all if you are facing difficulty reading books and you feel like you are reading habits are changing, don’t worry, calm down. Now, you have to think why your reading has gone down recently. The reasons might be personal, family or work related issues which might have put your mind into constant frenzy or just you lost your book reading mojo. Whatever the reason might be, here is how you can get out of it!

  1. Reading something new. If you are into YA and Dystopian sort of books, pick a comedy novel. Every time I go into one of the sacrilegious reading slumps, I pick something which I would have not read otherwise. This little trick always helped me get out of the most dreadful and unproductive reading days of my life.
  2. Give reading a break. If you can’t get anything into your head, stop doing it for a while, until the desire to read spontaneously spurts to life one fine day. I am just kidding. Go to a place which is romantic, or has historical significance or anything that is worth visiting. Such sights can trigger a need to read something good, may be if you find a book that is based on the place you visited, you are in luck. When you visit a place which has some significance of a sort can make you feel things, which can ultimately turn your mind to read a book. I usually go for a walk, roam around the city until my legs give out and on my way back, visit a park or hit a bookstore. That usually just does the trick. I like seeing people walk and go about their lives and something in that makes me feel alive again.
  3. Sometimes your mind is just too busy to think about books, like when you are writing your finals or when you have a very important thing coming in the next few weeks. If that is the case, then you just have to wait it out. Our mind can only take so much right?
  4. Do a book challenge. It is a great way to spice up your reading life. reading slump is every readers kryptonite. But taking up a challenge might drive you into reading more and finishing the challenge before the deadline.
  5. Go seek out a book reading club, which can suggest books that are to your liking. There are tons of book clubs online and in Goodreads, you can easily join them get more recommendations as to what books you can read. Seeing so many people reading the same book and discussing about it can really motivate you to read.
  6. Buddy Reads is also another way to get out of your reading slump. When you are reading with other people you have a sense of obligation to finish the book before others does. This can trigger you to read the book, which will definitely motivate you to pick up more books as you go along. If you are not confident enough that you would be reading once you stopped Buddy Reads, I suggest you do it as long as it takes for you to build up that confidence and motivation to pick up a book and finish it.
  7. If you are a e-book reader, change things up a bit and buy a hardcover or paperback. This can induce a sense of excitement since you have a physical copy of the book in your hands.
  8. Go to a book reading near you. This can encourage you to pick  up the same book and complete it even after the reading is done. This is very effective because you are already into the book, you know the characters, the story and the setting, all you have to do is come back and read the rest to know the ending.
  9. Booktube and Book Blogging is a huge community which is always willing to help readers choose what is best. Sometimes you just need the perfect book to come out of reading slump. Go through the blogs and YouTube channels, skim them until you think you found the book you are looking for. There are tons of recommendations, neatly categorized by genre, length of the books or even the number of books in a series. Just go out there and search!
  10. Try listening to Audiobooks! They are a great way to finish a book without much effort. You can do your work, get things done, walk to your office or school and still listen to the book. The narration really draws you into the story, however, if you read the same book on your own, you might give up after a few pages! So, keep listening. I was in a really bad reading slump once and I had to write a review on a book that I chose earlier in the class. However, I can’t change the book and also I can’t submit the assignment at a later date. So, what I did was to buy the audiobook and started listening to it and made notes whenever I felt something important came up, which hugely helped my review. The book was Heartless by Marissa Meyer, I heard great things about the book but I couldn’t just read it. listening to the audiobook really did help me.

There is no one way to come out of your reading slump. These ways worked for me and they helped out on a regular basis. If you have a way in which you usually tackle reading slumps, please comment down below. I will definitely try it out next time I am in a really tight spot with books!

If you want me to write an article on good book clubs based on the genre or write an article on best Book Challenges to take up when you are in a reading slump, let me know in the comments section.

To conquering the reading slumps!

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    1. Hi Cindy! I read a couple of your blogs. They were really motivating and interesting. I would definitely look for your blog on a daily basis now that I know it exisits. 😃

    1. Thanks Stephanie. I always find re-reading a book a bit boring. Except for Harry Potter I have never really re-read any book! That is crazy and I know. Many people re-read and that is great advice.

    2. Re-reading is definitely a great way to get out the slump. However, it has never really worked for me, that is why I didn’t put it in the list. There is no one way to get out the reading slump so, thank you for the suggestion.

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