The Fallen Queen of Hellia – I am writing a story!

Hi! I feel excited beyond bounds. I have been struggling with a story for a while now. I have given it hundred thousand names and changed the plot more than I can count. Though the character names are same, the plot of the story took wild makeover from the original plot I thought of.
So, the story is about an immortal queen Keltya. Yes, I am a sucker for young adult fantasy, so bite me. She is the Warrior-Queen of Hellia. A place of joy and happiness, until one day everything is ruined by a dreadful invasion by her own brother Drakarian. Her kingdom is ripped to pieces and people were killed like sacrificial lambs. The violence and gore is too much to even imagine. She is the most powerful immortal warrior ever existed, still her strength and power are not enough to protect her continent.
She was not prepared for this invasion and she never thought it would be her brother stealing her place. Before this invasion ever happened, Drakarian was really closely involved in the politics of the Kingdom and helped Keltya in wars. He protected her and sometimes even risked his life to protect hers.
Keltya is awestruck when the invasion happened, she didn’t have time to gather the forces. Since, half the army is busy fighting war far north. Though, Keltya was sure she would win the war in the north, what about her own Kingdom?
She failed to protect her home and when she was weak and vulnerable, drained of every ounce of strength left in her body, Drakarian attacked her. He was clever that way. If he had attacked her when she was powerful, he would never win this.
Right about the time when Drakarian lifted his axe to separate her head from the body Samael, Keltya’s second in command opened a portal to push her into some dreamland where there is no violence.
She did go through the portal and landed in a abandoned desert. She was so desperate to meet a living soul. However, she walked miles on end and she was still alone.
Finally, she meets a handsome lad named Sam and instantly feels a connection with him. This is not simple attraction to the opposite gender. It is connection only felt by loved ones. Sam, however, is oblivious to this connection and just offers her to stay with him until she figures out what to do next.
Cold Dump is the place where Sam lives and he takes her with him. Cold Dump is the abandoned part of a huge kingdom. The people of Erentia forgot Cold Dump. The King Remus who rules Erentia is a very powerful and strong leader. Cold Dump can’t retrieve its status until it revolts against the Kingdom and retake what is theirs.
Keltya, having lost her own home wants to help the people of Cold Dump to wage a war against Erentia. She is a skilled warrior, sword fighter and martial arts master. So, she can fight in any war but the people of Cold Dump are innocent and unskilled for the war. Therefore she figures out how to defeat the King and help Cold Dump.
She also finds a way to return to her Kingdom and save it from the clutches of Drakarian.
So, that is the overall plot of the story. There is no magic wielding ability for Keltya but the King Remus has raw magic. She also finds a way to subside the raw magic of King Remus to nullify the forces.
There is a lot to be said in this story. I am sure there will be a love story in between for Keltya but how exactly everything forms is still a question.
This is how much I thought of. I wrote around 4000 words in the story. Still figuring out the future and scope of the story..
Let me know in the comments section below if you like the plot of the story. It may be a cliche but I somehow feel Keltya is cool name. This story is what I like in every good fantasy book. I am trying to incorporate everything in it. So, let us see how it turns out. Wish me Luck!

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