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Hi again. This book blog has also become a place where I jot down my thoughts. So, today was a crazy day. Let me get that straight. I didn’t sleep last night because of an amazing book that I started so late in the night. This never gets old actually. The countless times I missed the first hour classes because of sleep deprevation. I guess that is something every college student faces more often than not. The result of my sleep depravation is late start in the morning ir rather afternoon. Since, I don’t have to run to my classes these days I am mostly chilling out reading books and concentrating less than I should on my final year project. I should definitely work on the latter. I woke really late and I was shit embarrassed to take my brush into the bathroom since it is a shared one. What would others think? Well, most of them do the same I was really uncomfortable. After that encounter of near emabarrasement I started reading this book – Full Package by Lauren Blackley.

I absolutely detest the cover and the name of the book but the story took a serious toll on me. I always think that two best friends can work things out better than others. Yes, that is true but only to an extent. This book is about Chase and Jossie who are best friends for as long as they can remember. Chase was introduced to Jossie through her older brother Whyatt. They were inseparable ever after. If nothing else happened that would be sweetest ending I would ever expect. However, Chase needs a place to stay and Jossie’s roommate got engaged to Jossie’s brother. So, she needs  someone split the bills with and chase needs a home very soon. They both reach an impasse and figures out that if they could live as roommates both of their problems are solved.

The entire  book is written in Chase’s perspective which I didn’t like one bit. If it was alternative perspectives it would have sounded better. However the story is absolutely amazing and wonderful. It is very recently that I developed penchant for romance novels but in the past three days that I decided that I would give them a try, I read five novels from three different authors. I will post all the reviews very soon.
For a while I thought I lost interest in reading books, well now I just figured that I was bored with a particular genre. I changed my reading habits and I am back to binge reading books.
So, getting back to the story. It didn’t really take any unexpected twists. I would not say this is the one of the best romance novels I ever read, considering my expertise on the genre is limited. However, the story had meaning. It conveyed how two friends , a guy and a girl can never truly be friends once they cross the line. The one thing I like about reading this kind of books is the emotional distraught it brings upon the readers. Well, I like to feel the characters and their situation to truly enjoy the book. I agree that this is not a typical romance novel where the love is gooey and cheesy. It had very intimate and intense moments. The language is definitely not for someone below 18 years.
The truth is sometimes it feels good reading something other than what we tend to usually read. I was caught in my work and so much pressure of leaving this place in just under 3 months makes you do crazy things. I won’t say that me picking up some hot steamy books is all circumstantial. If I am true reader and lover of words and meaning behind them, I should most certainly enjoy every bit of it. I also plan on reading non-fiction, sci-fi, mystery and thriller novels from time to time.
My go to genre would be young adult fantasy but this – reading well, hot steamy books, really opened up new door to my reading journey. May be I will make it a point to read some romantic novels now and then.
The point of this post is to remind myself that too much of anything is not good. It is okay to experience and venture something new now and then. It is okay to go out of the comfort zone and do something for the sake of it rather than bottle it up and never have the heart to revisit it. I did my adventure on romance novels this week and I have been longing to do this for so long. I read a couple of novels before, but they all seemed too into sex and less into love and emotions. I also wrote a post in this blog stating Why I hate romance novels. Now, I kind of like them. Truth be told by reading these books wiped down the pang of depression I was going through.
My advice, it is always an adventure to read something so out of your comfort zone. The best part is now I have a new favorite.
If you are also exploring this genre or already into it, please leave some suggestions down in the comments section. I hear Colleen Hoover and Nicholas Sparks books are heart throb. I will definitely given them a try… Mean while keep reading and enjoy what you read!

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