Life Update: Some Weird Things About Stockholm, Sweden..

If you remember a while ago I said that I am applying to KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Funny thing is I got selected for the program of my choice. Yay!
In August, I will be going to Stockholm, the most beautiful city in the world. The main plus point for me is that I can travel all around Europe and it won’t cost so much If I plan well in advance. Also, I heard that there are some amazing places to visit inside Stockholm.
In this post I just wanted to share some weird things about Stockholm. Every country has some cultural habits and Stockholm is no exception. Let’s get to it then.

  1. The people in Stockholm are very calm and decent. They won’t even eat food while walking or in subways. I am quite opposite actually, I talk loudly, I kind of get excited when I meet new people and it is impossible for me to eat breakfast at home. So, I am everything a Swede is not!
  2. Swedish Meatballs are a tradition. Though I am a vegetarian, I want to enjoy all the Swedishy food while I am at Stockholm. So, maybe I will try them!
  3. They don’t wear shoes inside the house. This may not be shocking to any Indians because we never wear shoes inside the house. However, we do it for a different reason than Swedes. Though the roads are clean and pristine still Swedes prefer to leave their footwear near the door. Good habit!
  4. If you are in Sweden then get ready to be amazed. The water that comes from your toilet tap and kitchen tap is same. The water is clean and you can fill it right from the tap. Wow!
  5. The food is very different when compared to other western countries. They eat Muesli and yogurt? Well, I have never tried that combination.
  6. 90% of the shops ask for a credit or debit card. In some places they won’t accept currency, they only accept credit cards. Well, that is new to me.
  7. The Swedish Medical system is absolutely stunning. If you go to a clinic for some reason and the doctor asks you to take some medicines, well, he won’t be writing you a prescription. Every patient’s details are updated in a central online medical system. So, every medical shop in the country will have access to your medical prescription.
  8. The internet speeds are just mind blowing. In India, 60 Mbps is a big deal but in Sweden 250 Mbps is nothing.
  9. They use electric cars more than gasoline cars. May be that is why it is less polluted.
  10. They have “fika” every day! Fika is nothing but a coffee break with your friends and family. This way we get to spend quality time with friends and family as well as we can gulp down more coffee and cinnamon buns. Yes, Fika is essentially a Coffee break. You know that I am a crazy caffeine junky, so this place is my Neverland! I don’t need candy, I need Coffee… lol

These are something that I came to know about Sweden in my extensive and exhaustive search for Swedish culture. I have read a ton of blogs and I don’t even remember everything that I read. Next time, I better take some notes…
Sritha Bandla

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