Books I Want To Read In April

Books I Want To Read In April

I have already read some books in April but this the list of books that I really want to get to. Because, they have been sitting on shelf for too long and I am leaving to Sweden in August! That means I have to gobble up as many books as I can before I leave. The surprising fact is, Stockholm is a wonderful city without English literature. It certainly disappoints me, but there are obviously a lot of other fun things I want to do!
So, let’s get started!

City of Glass

This is the third book in Shadow hunter series and I have heard amazing things about this book. I actually started reading this book back in March but I left unread and went to read one more series – Throne of Glass. If you want to know my thoughts on Throne of Glass series, you can check out my other post. I was really frustrated with the first book of this series. Jace is really typical character and he is so boring actually. However, Cassandra Clare made up the lack of character depth in story telling. The plot is mind blowing but except that I didn’t like anything at all. Since I have started reading it, I want to complete it.


The second book in the Shiver trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater. Her books are usually amazing and I have heard nothing but good things about The Raven Cycle. She is really good author but Shiver was not that great of a book to read. It was intriguing and engaging but it was a cliche. The ending is really unexpected and gut wrenching but it was needed. When I read the first book, I really did like the story, but I recently attempted to read the second part of the trilogy but I didn’t really dig it. So, fingers crossed, and I hope I can finish the book!

The Lovely Bones

This book is written by Alice Sebold and I can feel where the book is headed. By the way, I started reading it yesterday, I am already half way through it. I could have finished the entire book, but you know my exams.. The book is about a 14 year old girl called Susie and how she died. It may sound like a murder mystery and by all means it is. But it is a mystery to the characters inside the book, you know who murdered her all along. But the detectives, her parents, friends have no clue. After she died, she enters the after world. Each after world is specific to the individual and whatever you desire the most will appear in the heaven. It is a very unique take on after world and heaven. It is also so emotionally driven book. How her parents relationship is affected after the death of their eldest daughter and how her sister, who is just one year younger than her handles everything.
If you haven’t read this book, already I highly suggest you to pick it up.
I think these are the three books I will try to complete before the end of this month. If I successfully read them, then I will definitely post the book discussions for them.

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