Book Discussion: Empire of Storms

Book Discussion: Empire of Storms

I have tried reviewing books, but it just so hard. So, I decided I will discuss this book with you guys. Today, we will talk about Empire of Storms, written by Sarah J Maas. Oh My Holy God! This series is just breath-taking, fabulous and simply amazing. I have no words in my mouth or in my hands to tell more about this book right now. I completed reading the 5th book of Throne of Glass series last night and it twisted my gut in all the right places.
So, before we dive into the book discussion, if you guys have not read the first four parts of this series, what are you even doing on this planet? Just, run – grab the book from nearest book store or order it in amazon and wait for couple days and come back to read this discussion. I can’t really tell much about this book without spoiling the previous books for you.

Spoiler Free Section

An assassin named Celayna Sardothien was sent to salt mines of Endovier as a prisoner for all the crimes she has done against the laws of Adralan. She will be chosen by the crown prince of Adralan to fight in a competition which will give her a chance to leave this slave life and become the King’s champion. The King of Adralan is a tyrant and he conquered the continent of Erilea. This makes him the most scariest thing on that continent. The book and the series is about how Celeyana passes the tests and emerges into something more.

Spoiler Ahead!

What the rutting hell is this? I have never expected Aelin to be in such a vulnerable position. I loved what she did in this book. Though she lost control and was about to destroy Skull’s Bay, she fought her way back to real world because of Rowan. That was so amazing.
The Stone Marshes were the creepiest place I have ever read about. I was genuinely scared. However, Aelin and the gang made the entire journey to the Stone Marshes so much fun than it actually was.
One more thing I like about this series is how close Aelin and Rowan have become. Both of them knew that they were each others mate but they kept quiet. I felt so sad for what happened to Aelin. She was so brave till the end. She fought for Elide and surrendered. She bowed. She never bows to anyone. Maeve is the bitch queen not Aelin. I am not sure what will happen in the next book, but I truly miss Aelin already.
A lot has happened in this book. Just to keep track of what is happening was a huge effort. Also, I really think Chaol should have been in this book. I am not really comfortable with Chaol and Nesryn being close in that way, but Sarah J Maas won’t listen to me. Why would she do that?
Rowan is an amazing addition to the series, whose character has become so important but Chaol and Dorian both of them loved Aelin – Celeyna, but now, both of them love someone else. I was truly disappointed when Aelin broke up with Dorian and later when she came back from Wendlyn I knew that Chaol and Aelin are over. But why would she do that? I loved Chaol and Aelin together. Well, now that can’t happen. In fourth book Chaol’s character has just become so annoying and the new addition to the series, Mannon Blackbeack suddenly caught my attention. Though I did not like her part of the story at all in the third book, still I was really intrigued how their paths will finally meet.
In fifth book, when Abraxos flies Mannon right onto the Aelin’s ship, I felt a wave of relief spreading through me. I was truly worried about what would happen to Mannon and her Thirteen. That part was really beautifully written. I guess now I am totally okay with Mannon and Dorian but Aedion and Lysandra? Their relationship grew too fast. I don’t really like that couple that much, but it is Aedion so, I like him.
In the fifth book, we don’t really see that much of Morath and trust me it so much better this way. However in Queen of Shadows, the Thirteen and Kaltain’s story was interesting. So, in a way I did miss Morath. Erawan was nowhere to be seen in Empire of Storms. I really thought Aelin and Erawan would confront each other in person. This confrontation did happen in the Illium temple but he saw her only through the eyes of his soldiers.
Other thing about this part of the series is that Aelin was always intelligent, smart and cunning but her skills and talents as an assassin were not shown at all. However, she succeeded in securing armies from all over the place. I was truly shocked and excited.
Lorcan and Elide’s story was boring to me. I did not like a bit of it. Elide is a great character but it was just boring. Lorcan was so much similar to Rowan when he first met Aelin. What Lorcan did at the end was unforgivable and I will never trust him again. We will have to wait and see what will happen in the next installment of Throne of Glass, Kingdom of Ashes, I believe. The cover reveal was done a few days back and it will be out in October this year.
The next book, I am going to read is The Book Thief. I know I am really late to the party and it is such a great book and I kept ignoring it. Well, now I am picking it up and finishing it!
Rating 4

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