BOOK REVIEW: We were liars

BOOK REVIEW: We were liars

So “We were liars” is a book which has been in my wish-list since the beginning of the time. I always wanted to read it because it was one of those rare kinds of book that I managed not give into that monstrous temptation of reading the plot and spoilers (yes, I’ve been told multiple times that I am a monster for doing this to myself) but last month when I had some cash left just enough to buy the book which luckily was on an offer, I thought why not? I mean it’s been very long since I took adventurous and impulsive decisions like trying Americano (which I am never doing again) and bought it.
So when I had started reading the book I kinda regretted my decision like a teeny tiny bit because the book was about like rich people not rich in a way like ‘I can buy six pairs of jeans and still not be broke in a month but more like my family owns a private island and we buy decorations from tiffany’s kind of rich so don’t blame me for being judgmental considering it was times when I way way too broke even to buy a cup of  instant Ramen and so I pushed it off for a little bit but I finally got around to it on a weekend so after a five hour straight reading, a half-an-hour silent sobbing and a very concerned roommate later I’ve finished the book, and to tell the truth even though after a point of time you get this feeling of how the book is going to end and how it is not going to be pretty the book as whole managed to leave a very strong mark on me.


Set in glamorous background of fame, riches and luxurious summers on a private island  We were liars is a marvelously poetically written story about ‘The Sinclair family‘.
Sinclairs are smart, beautiful and rich people. They have seemingly perfect life with a family of three beautiful daughters and delightful grand children, but that’s not what this story is about. This story is about how the young fails to see, how the inheritance comes before family, friendship and love and how the adults fail to see that having sisters is better than having Chinese jade monkeys and fancy embroidered table cloth and a grand old man with riches and power to tear his family to shards. Cady always loved her summers in the island with her cousins Jonny, Mirren and the love of her life Gat. They called themselves the liars.
When a tragedy struck the family a disastrous mess followed, threatening to tear apart everything liars hold dear but they weren’t going down without a fight so they did and came up with a solution.A rebellion.A perfect crime. So in a story for a problem there is always a solution followed by a miracle which makes everything right again, that’s what liars thought their plan would be, a miracle but life is not a story and solution was a tragedy and a heavy price. Following the Sincliars and liars through these tragedies and how the adults came out of these as tragedy as a mark of glamour and how the young realized there is nothing glamorous about tragedies but that they are ugly and tangled, stupid and confusing it a magnificent story of love, romance, tragedy and heart break.


I would really recommend this book to anyone who is willing to read beautiful, heartbreaking stories. I wouldn’t really say that this book is warm and touching, because I felt it as more of a raw and open approach with to a tragedy. As I said before story is not really about glamorizing tragedy but to keep it in front for all that it is but in-spite of this the book has a beautiful story with all these amazing thoughts well my personal favorite being Johnny’s moto “Don’t eat anything bigger then your ass” (yes ladies and gentlemen he needed a moto for that and so do I). So yeah. Do give it a try. If you already did do tell me what do you think about the book.
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