BOOK REVIEW: A Court of Thorns and Roses (Book #1) by Sarah J Mass

BOOK REVIEW: A Court of Thorns and Roses (Book #1) by Sarah J Mass

I have never read any other book by this author and I have to admit I was skeptical up until I picked up this book and started reading. Though I have heard nothing but good things about this book, I was not so sure.
To be blunt it is a quest for love and finding the way to truth. It felt like bit of everything. A bit of happiness, a bit of pain, a bit of terror, a bit of truth and a bit of lies. I never loved any book more than this in the first sight. It took me a while to get accustomed or you know get adjusted to the book theme but as soon as I felt comfortable I was deep inside the Prythian lands far from any mortals. I like the way she spun the story into such an adorable love story.

Things I like About This Book:

Feyre. Without a hint of doubt I would say. This character is not plain like paper, but it has many contortions unknown to her as well as the reader. The relentless struggle she puts up to care for her beloved one. The decision she makes every turn of the corner was an absolute delight to witness. She wants to be pure without guilt weighing her down every second. Her heart and soul were stained for ever with guilt and shame of hunting animals, killing them. Worst part is to watch them die in front of her. She endured all this, but to what ends? To keep her word, which gave to her dying mother on her death-bed. This character attracted me in ways I can’t quite articulate. I liked every bit of her. Even though for the first few hundred pages she acts like a stupid and ignorant human in front of the High Lord of Spring Court, she dares to do what has to be done at the end.
Words. How can I forget about this. The author made it so easy on our part to understand the very intricate and complex relationships and subtle nuances of this unknown, virgin lands of beauty. I fell in love with The Prythian Lands. The amazing things that existed in the lands unknown to mankind and never ventured by the Faeries. It just blew my mind.
Tamlin. Yeah, the beast. I felt it is kind of similar to Beauty and The Beast, actually it is. The first book, is a retelling of Beauty and The Beast, a famous children’s classic. So, coming back to Tamlin. He is the High Lord of Spring Court. Unlike his father and brothers he chose the right path to lead. His power is a symbol of love and forgiving nature but not struggle and fear. I liked that about him. Even though he lived through the Great War and saw atrocities which would have blinded any other man of his little semblance and rational thinking and made him into a real beast which he is, he kept quiet.The beast inside him wants to devour but the lover and sweet and gentle disguise he puts on just makes every girl in the Prythian lands to go crazy. His beauty or glamour is not really physical, it is the inner glow that lights up and makes him look thousand times more handsome than any other man known to mortal women. His humility and kindness. Yes, that is what made me glued to the book till the end.
Lies. Truth is nothing but a shortened version of a lie. Yeah, if you don’t want to lie just leave out the very important information from the conversation and say nothing about it until the time had bid. When the time has finally come, just say I never told I would do now. That is how High Lords and Queens like to play. They never lie but they never tell you everything that you want to know. This was a very interesting thing, if you closely look, this is the key to entire story. Not revealing everything at once.

Things I Absolutely Abhorred of This Book:

Lot of inappropriate scenes. Yeah, at one point of time, I really felt like I was reading some erotic novel. The story is good, the characters cling to you so well. This book is a very refined version of were-wolf sagas. Were-beasts. The point is, why show or describe so many of those inappropriate scenes. May be they are necessary to keep the readers hooked to the story. But even though I hated something like that in the middle of an interesting story twist, I like them. They kind of felt perfect for the moment. Having them in the right places made the story more realistic even though nothing about it is real.
Most of the book is exploring the love between Tamlin and Feyre. I expected something much more elegant and opulent in the book. The scenes and the palaces mentioned in the book were grand enough but there is something lacking in the book. This was my feeling until 200 pages after that the story ran at a very fast pace with a lot of action from Feyre. This what I was waiting for. Feyre, running, killing, and cold-heartedly killing monsters that did nothing good but cause a lot of havoc in the wake of them.
That is all for the hate list. Overall I like the book. I was in a long reading slump and this book got me through it. I am going to read more of Sarah J Mass’s books. This lady is amazing. You won’t believe until you experience the magic of her words. Don’t think much, if you need a refreshing book with fairies and long distant lands uninhibited by mankind? This book perfectly fits in that category.
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Rating 4

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