The Tech I Use Everyday And I Think You Should You Use Them Too!

Technology, it is a great thing actually. I cannot imagine a day go by without my smart phone or my laptop for that matter. We need tech and we thrive on the very hope of using better tech. So, here you go fellas! The Tech I Use Everyday.

1.Smart Phone

From the time I wake up till the time I go back to bed, my smartphone stays with me. Even though there is a strict ban on mobile phones inside the college campus, I sneak it in. I just love having my mobile at my side all the time. In case there is an emergency I don’t want to search for one when I need it the most. I use a pretty shitty mobile phone but that is more than enough for my purposes. I mostly use it for Whatsapp, Facebook, Google Calendar, Calling and Emailing. That is it. That is all I do with my mobile phone. I use Asus Zenfone 2. The cool things about my phone

  • It has 4GB RAM
  • 13 Mega Pixels Back Camera ( Which suffices all my photo clicking urges)
  • 5 Mega Pixel Front Camera( I love Selfies and I want to take them all the time, but my shitty front camera gives away)
  • 32 GB internal memory(Awesome to store tons of photos and videos)
  • Sleek Mobile Design

2.Mobile Apps(Android)

There are certain apps which gets me through the day and I think they would help you a lot too.

The first one Google Calendar: I love this little thing. I schedule almost everything on my calendar. I don’t remember stuff and this helps me do it period. The best way to sync between your calendar and emails. It automatically adds travel timings and other meetings from the inbox straight to the calendar. How awesome is that?

The second one Google Keep: I see something useful or something which I won’t remember for long; It definitely goes into Google Keep. It is a kind of digital post it.

The third one WordPress Reader: If you are a WordPress Blogger or you have a lot of WordPress blogs to keep track off, you can go ahead and download this. Basically it is a WordPress website in the form of an app. It comes in very handy.

The fourth one CamScanner: I use a lot of paper and it is very hard for me to keep track of things. Also, I prefer things digital. So, I Scan all the paperwork and store them in PDF format. If you want to sync the data across all the platforms you use, you can go ahead and upload them in google drive or drop box. I personally prefer Google Drive because it gives lot more storage than drop box or one drive, also I use a lot of google products.

The fifth one Flipboard: God do I love this app? I am very lazy to go and hit the google just to know what is happening around me. This app keeps me updated all the time. This is really just a bunch of blogs jammed into a single app.

So, there are my six frequently used apps everyday.

3. Laptop

Next my laptop(HP Envy M6 Notebook PC, 1225dx). Sometimes, I hesitate to get my phone to the campus. What if someone confiscates my cutie pie? Laptops are allowed, so I have it open all the time when I am not in the class. Mostly I use my laptop for college work and blogging. So, all I need is a bunch of good text editors and some software development platforms or IDE’s( because I am web developer and I create websites for fun. If you are in need of one just ping me to my Email).

4. Writing Platforms

Most of the text editing goes in Microsoft Word and Google Docs(Because you don’t have to save the file and upload it in the google drive. I hate to carry flash drives so I upload everything in my google drive). It is very easy for me to get around my messy working habits. Often I forget the pen drive which has the report or something like that. Google drive is the best option for me. That is the one more major reason why I prefer Google Docs. The document gets saved directly to the drive and it makes my life much easier. If you are not as bad as I am, you can try out other stuff too.

5.Coding Platforms

If you are coding freak like me, you can take my advice and use these cool IDE’s. If you are not skip this section and read the next one!

Brackets: I use this for web development. I can code in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular and whatever I want to do in my website I can code it in this IDE.

Android Studio: This is pretty obvious. Everyone uses Android Studio to develop apps. I am still figuring out this area. I am not a pro but I like to develop simple apps and games using basic Java coding. If you want to code stuff in Java it is better you use Eclipse. 

PyCharm by IntelliJ: I am learning python and this is a pretty good platform if beginners. I have been using this for couple of months I am totally satisfied with this.

6. A Portable Power Bank

To charge my phone I carry my portable power bank(It is a Syska 1200 mAh Power Bank). I usually do a lot of research before I buy a headphones or a tablet. This one I just walked into an Electronic store in a mall and bought it right away. I bought the first one I saw. I paid like 1800 Rupees on this piece. I came back and checked the prices on Amazon, the same 12000 mAh power banks costed around 800. That is less than half the price I bought for. The reason behind this mysterious purchase is pretty long and I will save that for another time.

So, that is it fellas. This is the amount of tech I use on daily basis. I think I am using pretty healthy quantities, aren’t I? Like and share if you I think I am making some sense and also I would love it hear what you use everyday. May be you can give me some suggestions.

Until Next Time
Sritha Bandla

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