Life Update: A Restless tale..

Yeah! It feels so good to be back with a blog post. I have been dying to make one, unfortunately I haven’t found much time to read or write. I have applied for a 3+2 Dual Degree Program in KTH Royal Univeristy, Stockholm, Sweden. The place is beautiful and the university.. God I want to be there. Well, I won’t know whether I have been selected until January. I hope I get selected.
So, I was busy with 2 projects and internal exams. Pop Quizzes are a real mess. They are easy but irritating. My life this month was pretty much classroom and my dorm room. Well, in this tight schedule I managed to squeeze in time to go out and try out some new food. One more important thing – I am eating chicken again! I was kind of in a slump and I wanted get out of it. I went  into a cafe and ordered some chicken burger and Latte Mocha. I felt a lot better.
Yeah, so, I went to this place Mighty Paws. That place is a little heaven. It is so calm and it just takes your mind off of things. If you live in Bangalore, go ahead and stroll into this mini cafe. I am sure you will love it. The burgers are jumbo sized and the price is just perfect. Coffee- I simply loved. Right now, I would do anything to get a cup of that coffee. Oh! I also tried cottage cheese pizza, it was absolute deliciousness. A perfect meal in that spot would be a Chicken Stroganoff with some hot coffee steaming off your table with some fries. Hell Yeah! it would be heaven. I have visited that place like 5 times in a 3 weeks.
That was my safe house. Whenever i feel stressed I escape to that cafe and spend my 2 hours of freedom in solace. * Listening to Everything Has Changed ~ Taylor Swift ( I am a huge fan of that Gal!)*
I somehow managed to read one book ~ Everyone is Made of Molecules, I really don’t remember the author’s name. I can see the book lying on my table, I am so lazy to get up from  my top bunker and get the book.
May be when I am done with Internals, I will post the review for the same. One thing is for sure, I haven’t slept properly in days and I have  no idea what I am going to do with my life. I am clueless. I want to be many things, I want to do many things… and in the run for all those things, I am loosing focus on the most important stuff I should be working on. God knows what the hell am I going to do.
I went nuts a couple of days back and binge watched Blacklist 4 seasons. I completed 4 seasons in five days. That also helped me to take my mind off certain things. I really want to be normal. I wish everything goes back to normal. I am super stressed and super tensed. I am totally freaking out! I know this is a very scare life update. I can’t fathom how can I ever get out of this little hell hole I am living in. Everything is a problem until we solve it. Right now, I want to solve them all!
Phew!! I think I should take a nap. I am sure I will be able to spend more time on my blog and dearery books.
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Sritha Bandla

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