Why do people talk about Harry Potter?

Why do people talk about Harry Potter?

Hi! What up fellas? How you doin? Weekend is upfront and I am jam-packed with my weekend study schedule. That doesn’t in any way prove that I am a nerd. On a daily basis I talk about Harry Potter, wait 1 hour a day? No, 3 … wait… all the time! I love Harry Potter and over the years all it has done is spread more love. I love J K Rowling as a person. I don’t think she is just any other author, who wants to hit the shelves of teens with their glossy books. Genuinely, she is a good person and I think she is a badass. I have a zillion reasons for why I like Harry Potter. The interesting thing is many people out there in the muggle world don not LIKE Harry Potter. There are a few stupid youtubers ( I don’t think I should mention their names) spread this disease with illogical points. What do they even know about Harry Potter to criticize it. May be I see good in every FREAKING thing. That doesn’t matter. There is a lot to Harry Potter than just what they call Movies. BOOKS. They are a whole new world. 

This article is about why I like Harry Potter and I will be justifying some of the youtubers stupid logical questions. Yess! 

Without further Ado, Let’s Jump right into the platform 9 3/4!

Why I like Harry Potter?
Is it the characters or because it is so cool to go to a magic school like Hogwarts. Wait…. Is it because they use spells like Expecto Patronum or Vengadium Leviosa? I cannot state a single reason for why I like Harry Potter. I think nobody in this world would be able to justify why they like HP. It just happened. Like the first love. 
I am not even qualified to review books like HP. That is the reason I never criticize that series. All I do is LOVE. 
First the characters, they are very deep and over the course of seven books they evolve like crazy. There are probably too many characters who had a very significant contribution to the plot. Many people think that this series has many fillers and those fillers. they don’t essential contribute to the ending. Well, that thing I am going to talk about it a bit later.
Next the plot. The story just flows. You don’t feel disconnected or distant. I was with the characters in Hogwarts when I was reading those books. The story sucks you in. This is not a typical magic realism story. It affected people and in ways it changed lives of the characters remarkably. At the end, each character had a role to participate in, every one of them was needed. Needless to say, HP is an epic and it is going to live another century without a hint of doubt. 
The characterization and imagery she used to express the world of magic is truly unbelievable. Detailing and creating a whole new spell book! Tell me about it. I know every freaking spell ever used in HP books. You know what, I have spell book app and I use it very often to brush up my basics for the upcoming O.W.L exams. Yeah, I am kidding.
I have just mentioned three essential things which ought to be there in any meaningful book. Yet, people go on and blabber some serious shit about this series. People are allowed have options but they should not just mollify something as beautiful and authentic as HP just to get more viewers and readers. By all means HP is an amazing book for any age group and for god’s sake kids love it. It has lived for 20 years from the genesis of the first book. How do you think HP survived 20 long years in a world that is changing this fast. We didn’t know what internet is 20 years ago. Now we have high-speed internet and Lifi coming up.
Now I want to dive into justifying all those questions, I have collected by watching more than 20 youtube videos.
1.Why did J K Rowling use wands of all the things she could have used? May be a staff or an orb would have been fantastic?
If you feel the same thing as this youtuber felt, there is nothing wrong in it. Harry Potter was created for kids under 12. That age group kids, they want things differently than an 15-year-old teen. Fairy god mother’s weapon of choice was a wand! It is a fairy tale. Well, in reality HP is also a fairy tale, but a one which any age group person can read and re-read without feeling bored and disgusted by it. If you can’t read it, probably there is something wrong with you! My point being, wand used in HP is not a symbol of power or superiority, it is just how kids would understand magic more clearly and relate with it. May be using an Orb or staff might have done the job, but Rowling chose the wand and there is nothing wrong about it. If you hate HP because, they use wands, I think you should read HP books again. This time, avoid watching the movie first

2. Why are there so many fillers in the story, which don’t contribute to the ending? Why don’t we see the ending coming?
Hhaha! This one is probably a valid question. There are many fillers indeed. Most of these fillers are ignored in the movies, because they knew those little plot lines are no way related to the actual story. Let me tell you this. If you read HP, without all those subtle side stories, you would probably not complete the series, you may even leave it in the first few hundred pages. That is what makes HP special. Every character has its own story. We as readers may not see that connection, but those stories are indeed required for the final act. If you think that is too much, you may skip the pages, but don’t hate Harry Potter because of it.
3. Why did Dumbledore leave Harry with Aunt Petunia and his uncle? Harry potter himself had mentioned in the books that those are his 10 miserable years of life. Probably he would never rehashing thoughts about his childhood.
That is totally true and this can be one of the mistakes Dumbledore has ever done in his life. If you think only muggles can do mistakes, there you go, that is a humongous mistake. Wizards… sometimes tend take bad decisions. Being a wizard doesn’t prove in any way that they are the best decision makers in the whole of universe. One way to see this is, may be Hogwarts was not safe for Harry. Later in the book, you would come to know that Hogwarts which is supposed to be the safest place for all the wizards and witches is not safe anymore.
Also, if Harry was given for adoption, there is no guarantee that they would treat him any better than Aunt Petunia. In one way, Aunt Petunia is family and she would at least not sell him to human trafficking dealers for money. Even though Harry’s aunt hated him, she cared for him. When Hagrid first came to collect Harry, she wanted Harry to stay, because she knew what happened to her sister and she doesn’t want the same thing to happen to him. Isn’t that what you call caring? 
I think that is enough Harry Hate for one day. Oh MY Gosh, I feel like I did a holly sin. Blasphemist. *Crying* So, let’s add some life into our weekend lives. Here you go, I have hand-picked 3 youtube videos for you, and you  have got to watch them…. 
The first one is DIY Harry Potter Wand tutorial and I just can’t belive how easy it is to make a freaking ELDER WAND! 
Link for the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwBVoAVZ1NY
The second one is Harry Potter School Supplies ~ DIY ! The summer is almost over and we all have to get back to our lives real soon, why not make something really cool that you can carry it around even when your lives are so miserable.. take a look at this guys. Adela… She is brilliant to make such a useful video..
Link for the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zn9RG7GuYn4
The third and most interesting one is Harry Potter room decor. ~ Again it is DIY. Nothing big actually, really simple and crazy looking room decor stuff. If you are a Harry fan, you have got to try this!!!
Link for the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvreptzRkEo
Sorry for the very long post. This is about Harry Potter, can’t be shorter in any means. At least I have to do justice to the voluminous seventh book of HP. I know the last sentence didn’t mean anything but I am not going to press backspace. Too lazy to do that. Don’t ask me why I am still typing. I don’t know!!
If you are a Harry Potter fan, please share your opinion on this article below in the comments section. If you are not, well at least try to read the post and give me a thumbs up by clicking the like button. LOL. Okay, then. Bye!!
Happy Weekend
Sritha Bandla

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