Why I hate Romance novels? I have lots to tell!

Hi! What up fellas? Doing great? It is that time of the week again. Well, I don’t why I said that. It is the middle of the week and everybody got their own shit to do. For me, blogging is a way of refreshing my brain and clearing out all the unwanted stuff piling up from Monday! Yeah, I hate Mondays. Who wants to go to college after weekend slumber? Definitely not me. The fact that I am talking about college and laziness hints that I am alright and there is nothing special going on in my life, except for one thing. LIve In Labs, the course I took this semester. The course description sounded so good, guess what? it scarred the living hell out of me! It is a nightmare, but I like it. I like challenges and this course is full of that.. Umm.. I guess I am losing my focus now. Let me get back to the article. I promise I am going to post a whole new article for my summer trip and this new course I took.

Without further ado let’s dive right into the article.

Why do anyone hate Romance novels?
They are all sweet and talks about people and their emotions mostly? Well, I have no idea about them, yet I hate them to the core. Why? Why? Why? I am a kind of person who prefers intellectual characters over dumb and emotionally weak ones. I am not saying all the Romance novels are bad. I am also not offending anyone here. Hey, I am just trying to make a point. May be all this is my delusion and there is still more to that than what I know. But, Yo, this what I feel. If you think I am wrong, reprimand all you want in the comment section below and who knows, you might change my opinion.
So, the point is romance novels are centered around the concept love and sex. Most of them of course. Again I am not speaking for every romance novel ever written. Just the ones that I know, belive me I have done a lot of research. Love and Sex are the most deadly things in one’s life. The first one, everyone experiences it. Everyone, literally everyone in the world except for some socially awkward loner noob.
Why do people write such type of novels?  
Listen to me here, we all want those two things in our life, most of us won’t get them right away. The people who desperate, go for this novels. Some people who are not also read them, may they want to add an extra perspective or they just want to know how things work. That is fair enough. 
I am not talking about the books which touch hearts and make us cry all the way till the end. They are beautiful. But those books which concentrate more on sex than love spoil the essence of life and reading the book itself. They defeat the purpose of their own existence. If you take a closer look, all those books, they don’t have much story in it, no imagery or world building. Authors jump right into the scene and they have a very closer look at the surroundings than most of the other genre books. If you take fantasy, it is all about how you see things. The author makes a clear description of every item and every single atom lying in the scene and you get a good grip of the story. But in the books which I am talking about, it is all about the people, not much appreciation of the surroundings. Not even the house or room the scene is situated. I hate it when I can’t see what the character is seeing. 
That was my first reason to hate such books. May be you see things differently and you might even like such books. Hey, I am not judging any one here. I am speaking my heart. The other reason I hate them, they don’t have any logic. I am very uncomfortable reading a romance story between a girl and her step brother. What in the god’s hell the author is thinking? It doesn’t make any sense to me. May be it does to some people. Please enlighten  me.
I have read like two to three novels of that sort and that is done. I know I didn’t like them from the beginning. It grossed me out the second I read the blurb. Have you ever read those billionaire and a poor chick stories? I haven’t but the blurb says it all. Don’t have to read it. Sometimes I see beautiful pieces of literature like The Kite Runner or The Book Theif and then these books which just pops out of the blue and just comes in my book bub subscription every day. I unchecked that genre and that is it, now a days I am not getting any suggestions for free kindle e books.
I have downloaded a few of those books but never really got through the book and reached the end. I used to stop it in the middle or leave it in the first few pages. When one of my friend saw my kindle, she was surprised. The look she gave me says it all. I knew she was grossed out and she would have never expected me to read alpha male kind of novels. From that day, I maintain my distance from that genre.
Yeah, that is about me and my hatred for that specific genre. It is very harsh to use the word hatred, but that is how I feel about them … * barring her teeth*
Disclaimer: I am very sorry, if any of the reader felt offensive or hurt because of this article. Trust me, this is not my best articel ever and I was just trying to make a point. Speaking  my heart. This is a very personal opinion and it doesn’t reflect my blog or me. And one more thing, please don’t judge me ( Did I really ask that?) I might have! Phew!!!! Thanks a ton for reading guys……..
Happy Reading
Sritha Bandla

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