Book update ~ The Iron Trial by Holly black & Cassandra Clare

So far I liked this book. The characters are interesting and the Magestrium is sure as hell a place to talk to about. It is full of illusions and lot of surprises awaiting for Call! I felt this book is kind of mixed version of all the magic reality books. I clearly see Harry Potter in it and a little bit of Alchemyst by Micheal Scott and I just don’t feel that this book is genuinely a story which came from an author’s heart. It is more like a fan fiction work rather an a true story. May be I might change my opinion after I finish this book, but as of know I feel like I am reading a Wattpad fan fiction story. I am so sorry to say that, well this is how I exactly feel and I see no point in boasting about this book.
I expected a lot when I heard the first review and many book tubers blabbering about how awesome this book is. May be you might like it, but this book is just not for me. Even though I don’t like the plot, I might buy the rest of the books in this series. You know, I never like to leave a series incomplete. This is not the worst book I have read, but this is not the best book either. It is just a normal book for me.
Right now, I am in page 170 and reading. Let me know what you think about this and your comments may change my opinion about this book. Waiting to hear from you
Happy reading
Sritha Bandla

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