Grit ~ Gillian French

Hey! What up fells? Had a lovely weeken? I am having a blast…
I loved this book’s plot. Very soon this baby right here is going to be in my book shelf. I am so happy this book got released. I have been following this author’s blog and her updates about the book for so long that I can’t even remember. OH  my gawd ! Let’s hope I buy this book really soon. I will update you with a little review in next month. You know that I am going away on some project and I won’t able to spend so much time on my blog. I love to do this so much, but unfortunately I just can;t read more books next month. Just the thought of it makes me wanna kill myself!

It’s here! My first published novel comes out today. And you know what the most rewarding thing is? When my not-quite-three-year old son sees the cover image of GRIT and says, “That’s Mama’s book!” Here’s hoping your 5/16/17 is one to remember.

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