#2 The one from no-where

There is nothing extraordinary happening in my life.  But there are things which makes you happy. Even though they are teeny and minuscule compared to other things they bring unbounded happiness and statisfaction to you. I am a very sad person. I think about this all the time. Why the hell should I be so sad? I have nothing to say in that regard. Because that is who I am. I guess, I have to live with it and accept it instead of resisting who I am and trying so hard to be someone who is nothing like me. I put on this faćade all the time. I act like this nonchalant person.
I care about things, I care about people. I don’t like talking on phone, apparently that is what the kids of my age are supposed to do. Go out. Party with friends, have a great time, post pictures in instagram and brag about it until you go for another one of those gigs. Well, that is not who I am. I am an introvert, I don’t like talking to people. I like spending time with my self. Just deep thoughts and me. Some of coffee, if you will and a book. That is my life.
If people can’t accept me, I have nothing to say to them. I just have to be me and try not to break any hearts while I am being me.
So, this summer, for a change I registered in a course. Live in Labs. Isn’t the name little dubious? I thought so too. This is nothing like I imagined. I get to work with strangers. Thinking about strangers, that is not my best suit but I have to try. I will be a part of something special. At the end of this course I can be proud of myself, I will see happiness in the eyes of those poor people.
Also I get to interact with students from different universities while working on a project. I have to visit the village next month. Probably mid June. Hmm.. that means I can;t post in the blog as often as I do now. I won’t be able to read books! Agh! Hardest few days of my life, but I will get through them. I have few friends who will keep me engaged all the time, so I don’t think it is going to be as hard as I think.
If possible I will post an update next month about my project under a separate tag. i really didn’t want to post this, yet I am doing it anyway. Ahhh! I am so lame!
Happy reading

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