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My take on Titan Curse( #3 of Percy Jackson and The Olympians) 

Yay! What up fellas?I am back with one more post for this week. Many more to go, but let’s just focus on Rick Riordan’s “Titan’s Curse”. If you haven’t read any of Percy Jackson and the Olympians series books, take a deep breath and grab the book. Get reading.

I loved the first book, “The lightening thief”. So far this is my favorite in the series. But yesterday something happened. I read Titan’s curse and it is absolutely amazing. I had a little problem getting into the book in the beginning but after I delved into depths of Percy’s world, nothing really mattered. Gosh! I half forgot that I had an end sem exam. It was somewhere in the back of mind and it kept telling me to put the book aside and prepare for the exam. Well, I couldn’t put the book aside! It is Percy Jackson or Peter Johnson ( You would understand if you had read this book!), name really doesn’t matter for the wine god Dionysus. I hope I spelled the name correctly.
With out further ado let’s jump right into the book review
The addition of new characters in this book was brilliant and you will love the new cast of Titan’s Curse. Did they already make a movie of this part? I really don’t know. Well, If they haven’t they should make one real quick. But nothing compares to reading the book, duh.
As usual the world building was so realistic and you could feel everything around you. It makes you feel as if you are there, running along with Percy or Annabeth. Only five people can go on this quest and the oracle made it crystal clear that not all of them will come back alive.
As I told you this book has some new add ons and they are pretty amazing. If you compare the Percy from the first book of the series to this book you can see how he changed and how he is learning to act like an actual grown up. Yet, Rick Riordan manages to tell the story convincingly without missing out on any of the humorous parts. There is always a refreshing feeling when you read these books.
The battle is inevitable and it is stirring very fast. I felt in this book you can actually see that Dionysus has a good side. It is not like he is a bad god or something but something about him seems off. Not trustworthy. But this part will clear all your doubts and frankly speaking I kind of almost liked Dionysus for a moment.
The character development is something to be reckoned. Percy is all grown up, unfortunately Tyson is still working in the Poseidon’s forge so he really didn’t make it to the quest. I was kind of sad. Tyson is really innocent and he loves Percy. I like him for that. I was disappointed when Annabeth went missing. I really wanted to see Annabeth fighting beside Percy. But Thalia was good too. I don’t think we have seen Thalia in any of the other books but she was remarkable. Her character was somewhat similar to Annabeth. She was brave, she never left her friends behind. Thalia is not one of the biggest fans of Percy. She hates him to the core. But you will see how her opinion on Percy changes at the end.
I really want to talk about the new cast of Titan’s curse. I don’t want to spoil anything for you. You should see it for yourself. I was so excited when I met the new cast and I want you all to have the same feeling. So, I won’t reveal anything for you.

Final thoughts on Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan

The book was really great and I loved this version of Percy more. There were few places where you can find things stirring up between Percy and Annabeth and I really want it to happen in the next book. The characterization was tangible. New characters are not overwhelming at all, they kind of felt familar. It is not because I read the book twice or because I already know all the greek myths. But Rick makes it so easy on readers and he continues to add new characters without making us feel uncomfortable.
I hope I can be more like Annabeth or Thalia. I had quite a few dreams yesterday night. I was in Camp Half Blood, training with other demi gods and it was an amazing feeling.
So, let me know what you think about this book and If you want me to add anything more to this review or if you have anything to add please do comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I see it!
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Happy Reading
Sritha Bandla

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