Book Review ~ All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

Book Review ~ All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

Theodore Finch lives to die. Violet Markely tries to live with a ton of guilt and sadness! Both are definitely not living to the fullest. The whole story is about how they both come together and learn to live the life the way it is supposed to. I loved the story.
When I read the book description in amazon before buying it, I just couldn’t wait to order it. When it finally came to me, I ripped the box open and started to read. I feel bad that I could not read this book much before. How did I sleep when there is such a beautifully woven story out there. I read this book in last december. It is a shame that I didn’t know about this book until that december. But no worries because I already read it and I genuinely love it. Actually, to write this review I reread this book last week. 
After I completed this book, I just laid on my bed wondering what happens next?It was heart wrenchingly lovely. As you all might already know, this book deals with suicide. Many famous authors and the most successful ones had already addressed this issue in their books. But what makes this book so special? I don’t know. I really don’t. All I know is this book touched my heart in way no other book did. I read The Fault in the stars, 13 reasons why, Eleanor and Park, Looking for Alaska. All dealing with some sort of troubled teenage life. In fact I read 13 reasons why at the same time. I never felt this kind of pang. I love this book and Jennifer Niven.
When I was reading some of the reviews online, some of the reviewers felt this is book is The fault in the stars meeting Eleanor and Park. Believe me, it is not how you measure the depth of the book. I can not stand and see this happening. This book is written by Jennifer Niven and she clearly does not go by the name John Green or Rainbow Rowell.

That being said, I have to get back to the review. 

So, Theodore Finch who usually goes by the name Finch and Violet are trying hard to make their lives meaningful. Violet lost her dear sister in a car accident. She feels guilty about it. Her sister was a part of her life that she could never get back. Well, that is a particularly heart wrenching and gut twisting feeling. I know that a little. I have never experienced a situation as grave as Violet’s but I did have some experience. Losing someone who is close to heart is not a small thing.
One day, Violet thinks that she should quit her life and tries to jump off the bell tower. Our hero comes to the rescue and convinces her that life is more beautiful than she knows. That is very ironical because Finch is a person who is constantly plotting his own death. He really wants to die.

I love the characters!

Violet and Finch both are amazing characters. Finch is very different. Some times he just acts like some one he is not. Like he dresses differently, talks differently and he totally becomes someone who is not Finch. That is scaring confusing and absurd. One day he is normal Finch laughing and following Violet and other day he closes himself in a closet and starts to sing and read!
Violet is dealing with a lot of pain. Her sister and she used to blog about teenage life and such things. Now she feels having a blog without her sister writing in it is a waste. It does not mean anything. Because there is no Eleanor to complete it.
They both meet up in US Geography class and fortunately or unfortunately they both team up for a project. In that project they have to visit three wonders of Indiana and they  have to write a detailed review about those places.
This is the most beautiful part. Finch who constantly tries to shut himself and Violet who dreams about graduation and happy days ahead learns something very valuable from that journey. A lesson which helped Violet to come out of that sorrow and life her life.
There was humor, sadness ( a lot of it), truth and most importantly it was genuine. You can tell it by the way the story was dealt. After I read the book I was watching some of the interviews and came to know that Jennifer Niven had faced something similar to this when she was young. I think that is the reason this book is unique in a way.

The cover of the book was extremely cute and I really liked the idea of Post-its. I have a post it wall in my room. It looks so cute! 

Love this book, can’t get enough of it. I had to stop in between to take a long breath and at some point I could  not go further. I was scared that the book is going to end. I did not want to read the last few pages. I did it anyway.

Agh! thinking about the book makes me want to cry…. 

Love you “All the Bright Places”

Rating 4
Happy Reading
Sritha Bandla!

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