Book Review ~ Voiceless By E G Wilson

Book Review ~ Voiceless By E G Wilson

My take on Voiceless By E G Wilson

Oh My Gawd! I started crying after I finished reading this book. This is was the best experience of VR I ever had. Woah! Wait a second and take deep breaths. I am so happy that I came across this book. This is the first one of the duology Voiceless. The second one’s review copy has not yet been released. Voiceless is E G Wilson’s debut novel and I did not get a hint that this is her first novel. Nah, not even once. She articulated her thoughts so well and aghh! I am so in love with her book. 
Sci-Fi is generally not my first choice but this book is an exception. You would see what I am telling once you read this book. FYI- book release is in June 2017

Without further ado let’s jump right into the review:

What is the story?

The whole setting is a fictional place where people use holos instead of laptops or mobile phones! Let’s just say a futuristic city with futuristic cool gadgets. A funny thing, have you ever seen black fog? I have never seen something like that in my entire not-so-cool life. 

This girl Adelaide(Addy) studies in a grammar school (pewh! Never seen that either!). She is friends with four other girls one of them is challa. Maunga Richards is three grades higher than Addy. One day she came as an assistant tutor for Addy’s class. Maunga is not a great fan of bearing with all the teenagers and tutoring them. But she has to.  In one of those tutoring sessions something horrible happens. This one incident changes Addy’s life for ever. She looses the one thing she cares for the most. She cries and denies what had happened to her for weeks without actually getting any better. Day by day the feeling grows stronger and she becomes determinate to make things as they were a few months back. But she comes to terms with her present state and learns to move on until one day. Until the day she knows that a cure exists for her situation.She wants it so bad that she sacrifices many things. The whole point is will she get the cure? and live happily ever after? Wait. This is left to you! 

Why do I like this book so much?

There are few chapters in this book which just blew my mind off the top. I just can’t belive how amazingly she put together all the right ingredients required for the plot. Those chapters which I am talking about are the essence of the entire plot. Also she used many references indicating that the whole plot is happening in New Zealand. Using some of the words from Maori language just added to the authenticity. The name Maunga is a Maori word! 

Imagery and detailing were done with utmost care. Readers can find it right there on the pages. I never felt that I was sitting in my bunk and reading a Sci-Fi novel. I was inside the plot moving along with the characters. The most interesting part is the characters. I connected very well with Addy. She is such a lovely girl. She is nice, smart and brave.  I wish I could fight something that big with her level of bravery. She is a strong girl. I like that about her. 

I never like happy endings, because they are so predictable. When I am half way through the book I pictured the ending but the actual ending is nothing like what I imagined. I was totally taken aback! Usually, I am pretty good at predicting stuff like that – may be I am not ;). 

somethings to consider!

This book is not entirely flawless. Well, every book has some things which you can’t just ignore and keep reading. Addy is an amazing girl. But she acts stupid in some of the scenes. May be that stupidness is intended as she is just a teenager. I like her and nothing can change that feeling.

Also there are some places where I felt that the author missed the logic. A tad bit. You can’t even notice them but they are not invisible.

I don’t know. I can’t believe that I am actually saying this. Yeah! In some places I felt the story went on even though it is not absolutely necessary. This extra plot at the ending just made me go crazy. Why, why, why, why, would she do that! 

Other than this, the story was perfect and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The end kept me wanting for more. This would definitely go into my book shelf as soon as it gets released. 

rating 3 (1)

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