Book Review ~ Antisocial by Jillian Blake 

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My take on ANTISOCIAL BY Jillian Blake

Well, there is a lot I should say about this book. I can’t say this is the best book I have ever read or something but you can give it a try if your are hard core YA fan.

Antisocial is about a girl Anna who is suffering from SAD. Social Anxiety Disorder. In a way Anna is little bit like me. I don’t get all worked up if I meet some strangers but I do feel bit weird. I like to spend time alone as do Anna.

So, Anna just came out of a serious relationship. At least that is what she thought. She is so stupid that she totally A-walled her friends. It is not like she can make new friends instantly.

The whole prep school is divided into weird groups.. Some call themselves “instas”. And many other groups which I don’t even remember. Ya. That is not very important.

Anna’s group has five friends.Haven, Radhika,Nikki,Jethro and on other guy that I really don’t remember.Haven Is a hacker. When the prep school’s private app prep for today undergoes many hacker attacks so much information about the lives of students is revealed.

Some are Anna’s friends and some or not. But her worst fear is what happens when some one hacks her phone. May be some one already did and they are waiting for the right moment to reveal her darkest fears and secrets.

Jethro has her back. He cares for her and he wants to be more than friends. Anna likes him and they have the best time together, yet she hesitates to make things real and face the reality and accept his love.

She also fears for her ex boyfriend Palmer one of the best basketball players in their prep school. She still thinks he has feelings for her. But no! Why, why would she think like that. He broke up with her brutally. I would never care for someone like him.

In one of the hacker attacks Palmer’s chats with Wallace were revealed. He mentioned about Anna. For Palmer Anna is just some refreshment. He never truly cared about her. After knowing the truth she hates him even more.

This book is about how putting your personal lives in the hands of Social media can affect you in ways you probably can’t imagine. You may not even know who is stalking you – virtually. Your are the victim- always.

There is a very strong concept behind the story but the presentation very poor. Jillian Blake for sure is an amazing author but I didn’t feel that pull for the characters. Probably I won’t even remember the names when I start reading some other book. The point is it did not touch any of emotions. I didn’t feel anything after I read the book.

Finally, I did not love the book too much. It was a fine reading but not statisfactory!

rating 2

Happy reading !!
Sritha Bandla

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