Book Browsing @ Crossword

Book Browsing @ Crossword

Today I came to watch a movie with my friends. Well, my friends kind of abandoned me to buy some girly stuff. The first thing I did was to search for a book store. Though I never buy books from a book store I still like the way they arrange all the books. I love touching and feeling them. XD
There are four books that I badly wanted to buy. I am a little broke this month but I am planning to ask my dad to buy them for me.

#1 The girl with all the gifts

I have never read anything by M R Carey. This would be my first book. The first page is just amazing. The plot and all the creepiness is enough to make me want this book. You should definitely pick this up. I will post a detailed review as soon as my Amazon packet flies in. 


#2 The paying guests


I did not read the plot of the book. The book’s cover is so beautiful that it just drew my attention and I am here posting it in my blog. I really hope for a good plot. Sarah Waters is a great author and I know it for a fact. Just can’t wait to read this book!


#3 Perfect ~ sequel of Flawed


I have read a couple books by Cecelia Ahren. The very famous “P S I Love you” and “Thanks for the memories” just took my breath away. I also liked the plot of the first book in this series – Flawed. Well, Crossword people didn’t have the first part. So sad. I really don’t care because I already ordered “Flawed”. 🙌 yay!


#4 The Kite Runner


I read this book a couple of months back. It was mind blowing experience. The way he projected muslim families and the truths about Taliban. The slavery of Hazara Muslims. Troubled childhood. Friendship.Guilt. Love. Everything just blended in to form this beauty. This is a must read for everybody!!! 🙂


A random thought? Who loves Phoebe of F.R.I.E.N.D.S???? I love her…

Stay Happy!!
Sritha Bandla

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