#1 Weekly Blooper

#1 Weekly Blooper

Every Week I will choose an author and I will give my take on that authors works and I will give a reason to read his/her books. So, here we go with our first Weekly Blooper.

# Jenny Han

So, this week we have Jenny Han. I haven’t read all of her books, but you don’t have to read all of her books to know how amazing she is. Time to decrypt Jenny!

#1  Who is Jenny Han?

DUH! She is a book writer (an amazing one though!). Who is she behind her book writer’s cloak? SHE IS A HARRY POTTER FAN! There is one weakness to me, I love all the Harry Potter fans. I really don’t see a reason to not love a Harry Potter fan. Everything is so awesome about them. Next, She has an amazing blog with all the girly stuff. You should see her blog. She writes awesome stories. I did not read To all the boys I ever loved, but I am definitely palnning on buying that one.

# 2 What are all the books that I read authored by Han?

I have read Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy and I am very proud that I own all the three books. I am also planning on reading P.S I still love and other cute book she wrote. If you are an Young Adult Fan, you should go for her books.

# 3 Where did I first meet this Stupefying person?

It is a shame that I did not meet her in a better place called Starmark. I mer her in Amazon which I strongly dislike, but I buy all my books there. I have to save my pennies to buy books and I seriously can’t afford buying books in a bookstore. It costs a ton. I am sorry Jenny!

# 4  Do I follow her Online?

I don’t stalk her like I do to other authors but I do follow her in twitter and instagram. She is lovely person, who doesn’t want to follow her. Hmm. I guess I should make a new post series “Authors whom I stalk!”. Hahah.

# 5 What is first question I will ask if I get a chance to meet her?

Me: I don’t think I will be able to open my mouth. I will pass out even before I get a chance to meet her.

# 6 What is the first thought that came to my mind when I saw Han’s work?

“Can you even write a paragraph?”

I know that is mean to tell but that is what I thought. She did not strike me as an author material. But it turns out that she is one my favorite authors now. Opinions change! Nevertheless, her books say otherwise. You can smell from a mile. Her books are that fragrant and delicious. If you are a verbiovore you might even gulp everything at once.
Well, that is about this week’s author Jenny Han! Please do comment below and if you read any of her works write your take on that. I will be glad to hear all that you have to say!
Stay “Hanned”!
Sritha Bandla

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