#1 The One from the shelf

#1 The One from the shelf

I thought of doing weekly posts. So this would be the beginning of many awesome posts coming your way. Catch them all in my blog every Thursday.

# Summer I turned Pretty

There are some books which just steals your heart with their cute plot line and you can never get them out of your system. Well, this one right here falls under the same category. When I first picked the book, I was so skeptical about the story. But as I delved deep into the book it gave me immense pleasure. This cute one is a master page turner.
Being an Young Adult novel it has many expectation to be fulfilled. For me, the story and the plot is above everything. Summer I turned pretty is a cliche. But the author has made it her own with her amazing writing style.
Teenage is a very confusing phase of everybody’s life. Most of us would be so lost and scared. Insecurities flood in and you will have no way to get your head around those incrediblily silly problems. Everything is a problem and a need to discuss. Friends, school, parents, studies. You just feel like all the four walls in your room closing on you. Just before the exam you have this irrisatable urge to watch a movie or read a book(in my case). You have no idea what is tomorrow going to be. Most importantly you don’t care about the tomorrow. You care about now.
One thing I dearly miss is that innocence. Now, I am 18 and my teenage is over. When I retrospect and see myself I can only see the gorgeous ammount of mess I did when I was 14. Sometimes I feel alone in myself. I miss being 14 or 15 or 16. I think everybody does miss being a teenager.
This book #SummerIturnedPretty reminds me of my teenage and how stubborn I was. I cannot tell that this book is a complete reflection of my teenage days. But in a sense it reminds me of being a teenager and all its perks!
BOOK NAME : Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy
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Sritha Bandla 

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